Friday, February 26, 2016

"DID" - 02/23/16 - Numbers 1-2

 " The People of Israel did everything that God commanded Moses. They did it all." (1:54)...

As I was reading, sometimes skimming through, I was wondering if I had of been there, where I would have been placed. As part of a tribe to fight or to take care of The Dwelling of The Testimony.

I have always wondered how He decided when, where, whom I am. What went into the placement of the era, the family, the area, the state, country I grew up in.

So often I have also thought, before the beginning of time, He knew I'd be where I am, speaking, meeting the people I do.
How amazing is that.

Continuing through His verses, this one caught my heart:

" The People of Israel did everything that God commanded Moses. They did it all." )1:54)

"They did it all."

Could you imagine the blessing to live in such a place where more than 603,550 persons did all God commanded. Even if it wasn't continual, to live in that moment. It would be like an Eden. To have God walk among you - and do all He commanded.

There's a reason for His commands. Only He sees the whole paradigm - which is why all He says, does makes sense - to Him. My job isn't to try and figure out the whys. It is to do all He commanded.

How I struggle with His commands versus self. I know I will never get it right until I die. But because of His great love, I try. I pray my fruit encourages and draws others to Him.

He has grown me through the times of my life when I have lived in Burnside, Chicago, Quincy IL, Arlington, TX, Kearney, MO. Our children have lived in Chicago, Liverpool NY, Phoenix, AZ. Whenever and wherever we have visited them, we could easily see living here. We love their churches, the things you can do in the areas, the people, the food. But Quincy pulls me back. Not because of the material things, it is the persons in our lives who have become our family.

So, for now I have Quincy as my home base. He may or may not move me to another part of this world, but I have chosen to be used by Him wherever He plants me. Be it a years, months, or days, I have come to look at all He places in my path as His Divine Appointments. Opportunities.

To make disciples and teach them to train up disciples too.
That one by one we can all become followers of His.

How marvelous it will be to live in a world where "all did as He commands".


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