Friday, February 26, 2016

"With Breath, There Is Hope" - 02/26/16 - Numbers 5-6

 "All the days of his separation to the Lord he shall not go near to a dead person. He shall not make himself unclean(6:6-7)

 As we made our way across the states from Phoenix, AZ to Quincy, IL, my eyes would come to rest on the graveyards we were passing by. My mind would wonder about the persons beneath the ground. Where they came from, what made them settle in a land, where in places was completely desolate. What went through their minds as they traveled over the plains in covered wagons, the huge responsibility to those they brought with them. How many of them never saw those they left behind. The tremendous sacrifices each one made for our enjoyment of the lands today. What death and burial would have been like without the funeral homes and morticians. How many of them lived "in" Him.

 I thought of today's Scriptures, telling of how being in contact with a dead person makes you unclean and it suddenly hit me.

How much our ABBA abhors death.
It wasn't part of His plan.
He never created man with the intention of them dying.

When He created The Garden of Eden, a graveyard wasn't part of the landscaping design.

I have been chewing on this all day. How He has taken the sin of death and used it for His Glory. For those who are "in" Him, He has given us a gift through death of eternity with Him.

He gave us our Savior. His Son.

Reality is physical death is the end of any chance for those who do not accept Him - to do so.
It is the end for those outside of Him.
How much this has to tear His heart.
How much He must hate death more than we do.

He doesn't want anyone to die without Him.

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