Saturday, February 04, 2012

02/04/12 - The ripples of my hands

Exodus 10:12 "God said to Moses: "Stretch your hand over Egypt and signal the locusts to cover the land"

At times it actually frightens me how much power God gives us in our choices. With just the "stretching out of my hand". The ripple effect for His glory or self? What I do and say, touches so many lives. How I am as a wife, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin, friend, etc. all those roles touch someone or someones.

Throughout scripture God used the hands as a tool - Moses and the locust - Christ breaking the bread - the writing of the Bible - just to name a few of the very many.

Moses was told to "stretch out his hand over Egypt and signal the locust". He was going up against a Pharaoh who had went back on his word time and time again. Moses - did he ever feel, "what is the use - did he ever feel defeated? a fool? Or did he stand firm in God.

When I am up against the "Pharaoh's" of this world, when sin seems so overwhelming, I thank you for the hope I see - the light in the darkness. To stand firm in you - to wave my hand and know the locust - your army - is waiting for the signal to overtake and consume every bit of sin.

Again, I am reminded this is such a temporary home. That when I picture Christ on the cross, His hands spread out - He is stretching them over the land for me - for all - for our souls. And one day - when He returns - I will be lifted up to Him - His hands will envelope me.

But until that day, I must reach out my hands to share Him. To devour the lost who are in this world. To draw them to Him. I must be His disciple.

The power He gives me in my hands. I pray I will use it for His glory at every turn. That my heart will not be stubborn as Pharaoh. That I may be a woman after God's heart.

That "the ripples of my hands" will touch lives for Him - until He comes again.

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