Saturday, February 11, 2012

02/11/12- all my jewelry

Exodus 32:24 "Who has gold?' And they took off their jewelry and gave it to me. I threw it in the fire and out came this calf."

Aaron's excuse always sounded so lame to me. I'm sure Moses was thinking, "yea, right". So often, my excuses are even lamer.

Particularly when it comes to being a good steward with the "jewelry" He has given me. It comes in all forms. Time, money, gifts, talents - how often I "waste" what is given to me - use it for self and not Him. He has instructed me to tithe regularly. My first fruits, my best. How often do I take the best and leave the leftovers for Him?

I have found when giving Him the "first fruits" my priorities, the way I live my life changes. I desire to give Him more. When Aaron said, "I threw it into the fire", I wonder how often do I do the same. Intentionally utilizing my "jewelry" for me and then be surprised when " a calf (sin) comes out". God knows my heart. He knows how I want to use my "jewelry".

Moses was so angry. Do I get that angry about sin? When I see the "calf" being worshiped and not God? When it is me that puts self before Him? Tolerance - another tool of satan. How numb it makes us to His ways being broken. Tolerance - another way of playing with fire and "out came a calf".

I pray I will be a better steward of His "jewelry". To stand firm as Joshua did beside Moses - even when so many do not. I pray that my face glows ("the skin of his face glowed because he had been speaking with God" Ex 34:29) because I am speaking with God, living for Him.

Being a good steward for Him.

With all my "jewelry"

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Endless Yattering said...

I love the analogy of jewelry for God. Adding it to my arsenal of "mini-meditations"...I like to wear earrings and bracelets; very simple ones, but I do change them every day. As I put on my "physical" jewelry each morning, now I can remember to be mindful and be a good steward of Christ's jewelry!