Friday, February 17, 2012

02/17/12 a sin is a sin

Numbers 4:1-6:30

Sin. So many sacrifices for the different types of sin - but not different levels. A sin is a sin. It doesn't matter the sin - any sin separates us from God for He is Holy and can not be a part of sin.

I am so very thankful my Savior covers all sin that I have done and will do. His grace and mercy. This doesn't give me full rein to sin. Quite the opposite. It motivates me. I desire to be as Christlike as possible. For His glory.

His love amazes me . The more I am aware of it, the more I strive to love as He does. It causes me not to be selfish and to draw others to Him. His love is so perfect.

His sacrifice draws me into Him.

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