Sunday, February 12, 2012

02/12/12 - Where is my heart?

Exodus 35:29 "Every man and woman in Israel whose heart moved them freely to bring something for the work that God through Moses had commanded them to make, brought it, a voluntary offering for God."

Voluntary offering. He doesn't want it - our "jewelry" - if it isn't because our heart wants to give it. Otherwise, we would be like slaves, robots, without free choice.

This is yet another thing that wows me about God. He gave us His most precious "jewel" - our Christ. Knowing that not everyone would accept Him - because He has given us free choice.

No one loves like He does, to the depth - the unconditional - the constant - from the east to the west. No one.

And still, I hold back on giving up my "jewelry" to Him. I cling to them and wear them with - the self - pride - false sense of security - selfishness - self righteousness. All about self. And why do I do that? When His way is what is right to wear my "jewelry" with. To belong to Him - to His family - to be loved like that. In all purity - all that is good.

Reading that so many came together for building His Sanctuary- the many, many gifts and talents - their "jewelry". This Spiritual Battle we are in for the lost souls can not be fought alone. We have to get on board - we have to give Him our "jewels" as a voluntary offering. For only then are we giving Him our heart. Where our treasure is - there is our heart. Where our heart is - there is our passion.

"So Moses sent out orders through the camp: "Men! Women! No more offerings" (Exodus 36:6)

I pray that I too will give, give, give so much until the day I hear His victory call when He returns and cries out "no more offerings".

How exciting to be using my "jewels" for building more of His Sanctuaries!

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