Thursday, February 23, 2012

02/23/12 "Tough Love"

Lev 20:7-8 "Set yourselves apart for a holy life. Live a holy life, because I am God, your God. Do what I tell you; live the way I tell you. I am the God who makes you holy."

Throughout this passage (Lev 20:1-22:33) He states, "I am God". There is no discussion, debate or argument. He states a law and then, "I am God".

This gives me thoughts about parenting. So many are into being their child's best friend rather than their parent. They are into negotiating rather than being the rule maker. There are many, many mistakes I made with the boys. Thankfully, God is so much bigger than my mistakes. When you plant yourself firmly in His Word, you are given wisdom which is a necessity for parenting. Kids want discipline/rules - it is their security. It is also a sign to them that they are loved. "Tough love" parenting is hard, but thankfully my Daddy loves me enough to "tough love" me. His discipline, teaching, rules, encouragement, sometimes allowing me to suffer my consequences from bad choices, aways being there, have made me into who I am today. "Striving to set myself apart and live a holy life." We are blessed with two Godly sons. We've never struggled with drugs, alcohol, partying, girls. We set boundaries and unless there was a justifiable reason, the line in the sand wasn't moved. When they were young, we took a discipline class at church. I can say without a doubt it was the beginning of how they turned out today. "Striving to set themselves apart and live a holy life."

While here, we have had so many persons come up and share with us how much they enjoy Adam. There have been many persons who have shared with us what a testimony Nichalas and Amber have been in their relationship, their choice to stay virgins until they married, after dating for five years. It is such a blessing I have that our sons bring glory to God.

Only because of Him.

It breaks my heart when I think back to all the mistakes I have/continue to make. How thankful I am for the relationship I have with them. To say I am sorry and ask for forgiveness. I am so thankful that God is the foundation of our relationship. Otherwise, we would not have been able to endure all of the hardships or my many mistakes.

I'm not being hard on myself - just honest. I was in such a depression most of the early years, focused on me. Not Him. Perhaps that is why I yearn for a do-over. What a blessing His grace and mercy are.

When I think again of "tough love", I picture a child floating in the ocean - this world. Our parenting is their life preserver, surrounding them as they float in this vast space. The rope to the ship is the rope to Him.

That is what His Word is to me - my life preserver. The rope - the Holy Spirit which binds me to Him. I am thankful for His law, His Word and blessed because He is my God. How He has transformed me to be Holy.

That He is a God who parents me in "tough love".  His Holy - Pure - Love.
Because He desires what is best for me - even more so than I do for our sons. 

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