Friday, February 10, 2012

02/10/12 - His one time sacrifice

Exodus 29:15 "Slaughter the ram and take its blood and throw it against the Altar, all around."

All the blood - the oil - the beauty of the Sanctuary - all the gold - their clothes - covered with blood and oil.

I keep thinking back to the Garden of Eden. The beauty, perfection and then sin came into the picture.

It saddens me that Christ blood had to be "thrown" against sin so I may be with Him. It saddens me that our free choice causes His beauty to be covered with sin. For that is what we are - created in His image.


Again, how very thankful I am for my Savior - who in His death and resurrection - "threw His blood against the alter" for me. That in His eyes - through Christ - I am seen as His Beauty.

Because He loves me.

That His one time sacrifice is enough.

No greater love.

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