Saturday, February 18, 2012

02/18/12 - Christopher Adam Holtschlag

Leviticus 8: 36 "Aaron and his sons did everything that God had commanded by Moses."

This day - 27 years ago - we received our first beautiful child.

"Christopher Adam Holtschlag"

Because of Adam, I realized how I needed to become a follower of God - of Christ - to be in an intimate relationship with Him. That I had such a big responsibility in raising Adam up in Him. I love how God used such a beautiful child to draw me to Him.

How He has used a child so often over the years. His precious Child - Jesus - for me - for all of us.

We are here in Liverpool, NY with Adam. There aren't enough words to express the joy I have in my heart - just being with him, seeing him, hearing his voice. The hugs - just being able to look up and watch him, his expressions, to drink him in. He is so engraved in my heart.

I had the same joy just being with Nichalas yesterday. Looking at them - seeing young men - remembering little boys. No matter their ages, I will always see my babies in them. So very thankful for how in love Nichalas and Amber are. How well she fits into our family - how she is such a part of it. Knowing you are preparing Adam's bride for him, that she is out there somewhere - your time, your way. I am so looking forward to meeting the second "daughter" I have been praying for these past 27 + years.

This scripture, "his sons did everything that God had commanded" gives me cause to smile. Being in their "homes" and seeing their Bibles laying out - not covered with dust. Seeing little signs of their church, bulletins, notes, cards. Hearing them talk of joining Bible study groups. Nichalas and I discussing scripture or sermons. knowing that he is leading Amber closer to God, taking his role as their Spiritual leader very seriously. It makes my heart sing knowing our sons are His. Without a doubt - I know our three "kids" are His. And that they will train up their children in Him. I know, they being human, are not doing everything God commanded. I do know too, they are covered by Christ blood, His grace and mercy. Thank you that you have allowed me to live to see you in our lineage. I continue to pray it continues on and others will be brought to you through our generations.

The ripple effect for you.

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