Tuesday, February 28, 2012

02/28/12 - Why just her?

Numbers 5:11-31

Okay - this passage has always bothered me. Why just the adulterous woman? What about the man? And is there a limit to how many times the husband can do this? What if he is just jealous because of his insecurities?

I have found in reading scripture, many times God really has given woman a very influential/powerful role. The old saying, "If mama ain't happy - nobody's happy" has so much truth! The way God created us - we usually lead more with our emotions/feelings, not our brains. We are usually more nurturing. I'm not sure, but I feel God is holding us accountable more so because of this. The role of the wife, mother, influences the family unit and the ripples spread out far beyond.

I really struggle with what exactly is my role in Adam and Nichalas' lives now that they are grown men. I know that I will always be their mom, but now it is more about friendship. I can offer advice, but can't ground or discipline them. I try not to guilt or should them. Hold my tongue more often. Encourage and praise them on their Godly choices. It's just so different than when they were small. It leaves a feeling of not being needed - and that causes me to feel I have less worth..

That is another fault of mine. My worth - I have put so much of it into being their mom and not into being God's daughter. I am blessed that I can talk about this openly with Amber. It's such a blessing having another woman in my family!

Honestly, I used to take many of the ways women were treated in the scripture as an insult.

Now, I see it as an honor.

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